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Dialogue recording in the Read On booth

We can rig the booth for dialogue recording in different ways. This is for a single person at a table.The Read-on studio is ideal for dialogue recording in comfort. This optimally-treated room-within-a-room is very quiet, even with the air handling on – it helps that we are in the Sussex countryside, so noise is low to start with.

It is a calm, productive place for people to focus and work in comfort, with experienced, efficient and friendly staff who understand the broadcast business from the inside.
The booth is larger than many at 2.4 x 1.8 metres, and is where we record many different kinds of spoken word, from emergency announcements to poetry, via language teaching, medical education and tourist guides, to name but a few.

Dialogue recording in comfort for two people in the Read On studio in SussexAccess to the booth is not via the control room, so you can get to the studio from your car without being in the same room as any other people. The very quiet ventilation provides constant fresh air, and for added virus security the air handling system will change the air more than 20 times between bookings. Microphones, headphones and all touchable surfaces are disinfected after each session.

We normally rig the room for one person, standing or perched, with the option of having the script or video on screen. Alternatively we can rig it for two people to stand opposite each other, or to sit in comfort at an acoustic table.

There is a window between the control room and the booth to enable visual signals between the producer and artists, and there is foot-pedal control for talkback and green light signalling.

Also, as one of the actors in a recent two-hander pointed out, while you are waiting for your cue there is a good view in the other direction through the control room to the Sussex countryside, with Glyndebourne visible in the distance when the trees are not in leaf, and sometimes there are sheep in the fields in between.